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  • Generosity vs. Greed

    Generosity vs. Greed read

    Devotions 13 Jun 2016

    There is a stark juxtaposition between Jesus' actions in John 2 (turning water in to wine) and the actions of those in the temple in John 2 (those making a profit from the poor in the house of God).

    We have generosity, then greed. Giving then getting. Gratitude then grief.

    .. . .

  • Free to Be

    Free to Be read

    Devotions 16 May 2016

    Are you free? Living in liberty? Free from trouble? Free from worries? Free to be who God created you to be? What does it mean to be free?

  • Thank You

    Thank You read

    Devotions 22 Apr 2016

    "Thank you", no, no . . . "Thank YOU".

    Sometimes we can be so keen to say thank you we almost push our way to the front to show our appreciation of someone else. Waiting to get in through a door, driving through a narrow gap and the person coming the other way lets your in . . .

  • Days of Transformation

    Days of Transformation read

    Devotions 23 Mar 2016

    What does it take to change a life? What would it take to transform you?

  • Wait for it!

    Wait for it! read

    Devotions 7 May 2015

    Waiting is tough. Waiting is a pain. Sometimes we have no choice, we have to wait to grow up, wait in a queue, wait to be paid at the end of the month, wait for the kettle to boil!

    And yet . . .

  • Here I am - Send me

    Here I am - Send me read

    Devotions 27 Apr 2015

    Are you in awe of God? I mean, do you literally catch your breath when you are aware of being in his presence . . . being with God, being IN Christ and drawing near to the Father can change everything . . . are you ready? Lets look at Isaiah's story.

  • BUT, We see Jesus

    BUT, We see Jesus read

    Devotions 12 Jan 2015

    The world is a dangerous, awful and apparently Godless place at times . . . and yet, we have hope - this brief devotion looks at a passage in Hebrews that reminds us of who we are (which doesn't feel great sometimes) but, doesn't leave us there . . .

  • From Anger to P.E.A.C.E.

    From Anger to P.E.A.C.E. read

    Devotions 16 Dec 2014

    "Tidings of great joy", Christ has come! Romans Ch 15:13 says, "May the God of Hope fill you with all joy and peace." . . . but, is this how we feel? How do you move from anger and bitterness to a place of peace . . .

  • The Journey is too much for you

    The Journey is too much for you read

    Devotions 5 Nov 2014

    These words are spoken to Elijah the prophet by an Angel of the Lord - maybe they are words for you today . . .

  • New Website!

    New Website! read

    News 18 Aug 2014

    Its fresh, its new - check out our website!